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How do I find a training organisation?

Mediator training is available through specialist training organisations, universities, government agencies and through RMABs.  Organisations vary in what they provide.  If you are seeking training that meets the Standards, we suggest that you make this very clear when you approach a training organisation. 

The MSB does not direct people to particular providers.  We encourage you to contact providers and discuss your particular needs and intentions. 

The training requirements are set out at section 2.3 of the Approval Standards:

(a)    a training course of a minimum of 38 hours in duration which may be conducted as a single course or in modules over a period of up to 24 months;

(b)    a training team of at least two trainers in which the principal trainer has more than three years’ experience both as a NMAS accredited mediator and as a trainer;

(c)    sufficient coaches for each trainee to be observed performing the role of mediator by different coaches in two simulated mediations each of at least 1.5 hours in duration;

(d)    coaches who are accredited as mediators under the NMAS and have at least two years or 50 hours mediation experience and who provide written feedback to the trainees they have observed;

(e)    each trainee participating in at least nine simulated mediations, in at least three of which they  perform the role of mediator;

(f)     content that includes the knowledge, skills and ethical principles articulated in the Practice Standards.

Many RMABs offer training or can refer you to a training provider.  A list of RMABs can be found on the MSB website.