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Membership Classes

MSB members may be:

  1. organisations that are RMABs under the NMAS
  2. education and training providers that provide training as set out in the Approval Standards to no less than 50 participants per year
  3. professional or service organisations (who are not RMABs) that have at least 30 mediator members accredited under the NMAS
  4. national or State based representative organisations that have three or more RMABs as members
  5. community or State based mediation services that are not RMABs
  6. a Commonwealth government representative that is not an RMAB
  7. one government representative from each State and Territory (not an RMAB) with ADR policy expertise, as nominated by the Attorney-General or equivalent in each State or Territory
  8. organisations that use, but do not provide, mediation services
  9. such other members as a general meeting of members resolves.

Organisations that meet the criteria of more than one membership class may only become members under one membership class.